The GENESIS GROUP is a multi-disciplined brand development and hospitality company that has created some of Hong Kong’s most recognised F&B concepts in the fast casaul dining market.

With over 15 years of collective experience, we leverage our resources and experience to help our clients create value and mitigate risk while recognizing each individual business’ unique perspective and hospitality experience they want to create.

Our exceptional team of seasoned restaurant professionals, former owners, restaurant brokers, executive chefs, bar managers, general managers, marketing experts, licensing professionals and graphic designers have decades of experience in their respective fields, allowing them to bring fresh, informed ideas to our clients’ tables and help bring to life or revive sustainable brands that drive bottom line performance.

​If it’s our client’s first venture, we will guide them through the terrain of opening their first restaurant. If a client faces a distressed situation, we offer objective analysis, feedback, and solutions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of front and back of house operations, menu, and positioning. 

At the GENESIS GROUP, we have a commitment to mastering the dynamics of the hospitality industry and sharing that experience with our clients. Together, we execute projects that meet budgets, address the shared objective and most importantly maximize profit.